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Serving Logistics is dedicated to bringing various parts of the supply chain together to get updates including:

  • Ocean ports
  • Legal Updates
  • Local Updates- Government
  • Domestic
  • Air
  • Technology
  • US Customs
  • Practices for Compliance Domestic and Abroad
  • HR-Diversity and Continuing Education


Please see some of the upcoming dates to remember:

May 1, 1 pm EST:  Webinar  6

Air Updates:  Bryan Schreiber, CRAA

May  8, 1 pm EST:  Webinar  7

Importers perspective-James Thatcher, totes>>ISOTONER

Italy updates- Michele Guerini, Savino Del Bene

May 15, 11 am EST:   Webinar 8

India updates-Jayaram Radhakrishnan,

M+R Logistics (India) Pvt. Ltd.(Port of Virginia's agent)


Oct 7:  Freight Check 2020  

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